Thursday, March 22, 2012


The mirror and the eye turn to the sight we just saw of the raven being forced into truth.
We may say what we saw but no more may we see what we have said, for it has passed with only historical meaning.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A slow path

I walk down the muted street with my shadow at my heel.
A silvery tear shaped light beams down ahead of me.
I inch around the walls of the house 'til I reach the low back door.
After peeking through the glass I turn the doorknob slowly and step into the room.
Drapes fall near my face as they hang from the steel.
While moving toward the other entry I pass the ancient gargoyle.
Then back up to the world about to eat some ravishing fruit.

Cold, Sit in silence

We sit in the sun on this cold spring day.
you speak quickly of wordy nonsense.
I almost want to leave but this is my place
so I just sit with a crumpling smile.
Every second passed I sink and
sink staring at only nothing.
Especially then when you leave
I am empty within.