Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Idea to Expand into Poem

I thought of this today. I like it and am planning on expanding on its thought to turn it into a poem, maybe a long one.

The thought and feel of a word said through silence.

Hide and go Sun

Even now, the sun hides; it's rays have died to the eye.
A whisper of the wind tells clouds to move on and
soon light is here again.

New Beginning

What if everything were foreign to my lips.
Would I then be able to lay in silent bliss?
I could understand and learn.
Everything would be interesting, no bore.
Is that what it would take to
smooth out this mess.
What all is tangled so no daylight gets in
is the only answer for escape,
a new beginning?


A place full of memories.
Could it be like a jail cell?
With the electric shock of flashbacks.
Burrowed deep in your mind.
They are every way you look,
change is coming,
Light is being scared away and to all dismay,
soon only darkness will remain.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Everything is a jumbled mess like too many ribbons in a small drawer.
The ribbons become tangled, loop through loop, end around end.
I dig for the perfect light blue, a color of peace and serenity.
Only, the ribbons are too crowded, leaving meager space for my desperate hands.
I throw back the pink and green, pulling the knot tighter and worsening the situation.
I remember having the blue, a day which seems so long ago, before it slipped into the drawer.
I grab the red, a typical ribbon color and hold it tight to help for now.
Red id blocking everything out with its intruding shade.
Red doesn't help though, it only

Monday, April 9, 2012

Strange Room

The fingers move across the keys, rapidly, flowing with ease.
All sunshine has fallen away but the partial darkness is welcoming.
Trumpets sound, so loudly, they echo in your ears.
Every light now has vanished leaving your vision dark and sulky.
The music picks up to a faster pace and you start to move your feet across the floor.
First you skip and hop, in only small steps,
but are soon you are leaping through the darkness.
You trust you won't fall, you trust any collision to be soft and comforting.
Soon the sun re-emerges re-filling the room with warmth.
You stop leaping and stand in the light before leaving that mysterious room.