Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sing, Pause, Skip a step

Distance makes time  so must this passing time create more distance?
What if I were to just stay isolated.
Could it pause my time?
too mind I think yes but all around me it would make no difference.
You could still go day by day, happily singing, talking, skipping through the hours
without me by your side.
I could trip, I could fall,
and just stay immobile on the ground.
It's so hard to add more effort.
Even this minuscule added effort to pull myself up.
So I should just keep moving then.... right?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Living the Circus Spirals

Memories pass us by, the days fly away. We are getting older every second, every minute.
The past is like a dream which somewhere in your over experienced mind is known as an old reality. The future is coming at you cold and quick like the fast sidewalk; your feet hitting the ground as you bring up the speed. And your going so fast that you almost fall face first but you just can't slow. No slow, just fast so the cement flashes before your eyes and your head rushes toward the ground every once in a while, beginning to trip. Bringing yourself back up. The wind rushing in your ears makes it hard to hear the guiding voices near by and you are so lost. Every house and building looks the same all so dull and grey. The all too familiar sound of feet slapping the unforgiving ground echos through your ears. It's like a spiral, is this spiral bringing you downward? Hopefully higher? Or is it outward, and neither up nor down. Life has turned to a circus, crazed by your mindless pleasures and heightened through the slight slips and hops sometimes found with explainable reasons. This mad, sad, joyful, crazy, strange, overbrought, now its just me. This new crazy circus.