Thursday, October 6, 2016


What is this smell? I raise my nose to the wind and take three big sniffs. Is that food? I must have it. No, I need to find my people they must be very worried about me. But that food smells so good, what kind is it? I take three more whiffs of the breeze. Smells like burgers. I shake my head, my people need me. Which way did I come from? Everything looks the same, that darn squirrel. It’s too bad I didn’t catch it. I see a pair of legs walking toward me. I this my mistress? I look up at her face to see a young woman who I do not know. She has bits of food on her shirt. I stare at the pieces, smells like she went to the hamburger place. I want some. Before I know it I’m drooling, oh dear I need to make a good impression so she gives me food! She leans over to look at my tag. Yay! She will help me find my people! My ears perk up automatically as she murmurs my name. I like this lady she smells like food and scratches me behind the ears. She stands up and pulls out her strange electric device then holds it up to her ear. I can hear it making a ‘rrrrr rrrrr rrrr’ noise. Humans are so strange, is this some kind of secret code they have? I don’t understand it. She puts the device back into her pocket and begins to walk. My ears go down in disappointment. My new friend is leaving me foodless. She turns and whistles, and I hurry to keep up. I hope she gives me food!

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